Twin flames mirror of your deepest fears, hidden strengths, and unresolved wounds. They are the ultimate mirror – pushing you to confront your true self, inspiring growth and self-awareness like never before.

  • Mirror Effect in Twin Flame Dynamics: Your twin flame unconsciously mirrors your buried beliefs and past wounds for self-awareness, healing, and spiritual growth at the highest level.
  • Reflecting Strengths and Shadows: Twin flames mirror each other's subconscious strengths, inspiring authentic self-recognition, but also reflecting shadows, flaws, and challenges.
  • Examples of Mirroring: Your own reactions and thoughts are the key to healing, awakening, and self-awareness.
  • Personal Growth: The twin flame journey demands inner work, urging individuals to acknowledge and feel the pain from past wounding for the release of trauma and the emergence of their authentic selves.

Mirroring means that the people around you are essentially mirroring your own buried subconscious beliefs, past wounds, and true self back to you in order for you to become aware of yourself and heal – we all do this subconsciously. This can come from strangers or loved ones every once in awhile, meaning not every single person around you is triggering you every moment – that would be overwhelming! However, in a twin flame dynamic this is almost the case... let me explain.

While everyone reflects or mirrors to us what it is we need to know in order to become more of who we truly are, twin flames do this at the highest level. Since they contain the same soul energy and frequency it allows for the highest amount of reflectivity from just that one person. Basically everything hits you at one time – all your wounding, your deepest fears, the parts of you you hide or try to ignore, your power, your soul happiness, your immense capacity to love, your limitlessness, your strength. Everything at once, from one person. IT'S A LOT.

When reflecting one another's subconscious positive qualities and strengths you are both inspiring and uplift one another – helping each other to recognize and embrace your best, authentic, true self. When reflecting one another's shadows and weaknesses it leads to intense self-awareness as you both confront aspects of yourselves that you may not be fully aware of or even willing to acknowledge and dive into. This effect is ultimately how the journey has become known as a crash course in healing.

Twin flames may exaggerate the mirror effect, but it's so important for everyone to recognize that everyone in your reality is mirroring a hidden part of yourself back to you – Check out Mirrors: I am Yours, You are Mine.

Here are some examples of the mirror effect from the perspective of the feminine energy.

Your twin pulls away pushing you into the dark night of the soul, you’re in excruciating pain and your mind is running rampant:

  • You just want them to come back. You don’t understand how they aren’t ‘choosing you’. Here is the mirror: Where are you not choosing yourself? Where are you not putting yourself first? Where have you not chosen yourself in the past? Why do you choose others over yourself?
  • You've put them on a pedestal and think they are amazing. You're scared they will never want to be with you, that you're not good enough. Here is the mirror: Where do you hold the belief that you are not as good as anyone else? Why do you believe this? Why do you believe that your twin is better than you?
  • You don’t understand how your twin could be with a karmic instead of you. You don’t understand why the karmic is good enough for them but you aren’t. Here is the mirror: Why do you believe you are not good enough? Where does that belief stem from? Where do you harbour feelings of inadequacy?
  • You can’t believe your twin ran away, disappeared. They love you, why are they running? Here is the mirror: Where are you not giving yourself love? Where are you running away from yourself and the love you crave from your own self? Where do you give love and compassion to others but not yourself? Where are you not holding space for your own self?
  • You need them, they are supposed to be with you, why did they abandon you and the relationship? Here is the mirror: Where are you abandoning yourself emotionally and in your 3D life? Where have you abandoned yourself in the past? Where have you felt abandoned in the past that makes you hold on so tightly to others? Where do your abandonment wounds stem from?

The twin flame journey compels you to finally look inward and engage in inner work so you are no longer living in a state of anxiety, fear or pain – constantly being triggered and hiding your authentic self behind personas. It forces you to awaken and become aware of yourself & who you truly are as they are your ultimate mirror.

You have to acknowledge and finally feel the pain from your wounding in order to release the trauma and insecurities that veil your soul, and when I say you have to, I truly mean you have to. Remember, twin flames are energetically connected, they are your exact energetic signature, you cannot forget. You chose this path, and so the universe nudges you to stay the course – acknowledge all parts of you, heal, and awaken to your authentic self (soul).

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