From viewing twin flames as the deepest form of love, to accusations of promoting narcissism and abuse, as explored in the "Escaping Twin Flames" documentary, or to the denial of the connection overall, the recent widespread fascination with twin flames has led to various beliefs.

  • Personal Confirmation of Twin Flame Connection: The author, initially non-spiritual and unfamiliar with the concept of twin flames, unexpectedly discovered and recognized their twin flame in 2021.
  • Negative Connotations Surrounding Twin Flames: Societal norms and conditioning around love contribute to negative perceptions of twin flames, often leading individuals to pursue perceived needs and wants at the expense of their soul's guidance.
  • Caution Against Exploitation and Misconceptions: The article advises against actively searching for a twin flame and warns against staying in abusive relationships under the guise of twin flame connections. 
  • Surrender: The author highlights the rarity of encountering a twin flame in the same lifetime, cautions against falling for exploitation schemes, and encourages surrendering to the natural flow of life for personal happiness and fulfillment.

The online hype surrounding twin flames is considerable, leading many to become caught up in the notion of a twin flame. The term has been so idealized in pop culture that it has given rise to various beliefs. Some perceive it as profound love, while others see it as promoting acceptance of narcissism and partner abuse in the name of twin flame love. There's even a belief among some that it is a cult, as portrayed in the "Escaping Twin Flames" documentary on Netflix.

So let's dive in!

For those who don't know what a twin flame is, twin flames are described as either one soul split into two or possessing the exact same soul energy as your own. It's a deeply profound, spiritual, and energetic connection, filled with an unparalleled sense of familiarity and love. It feels as if this person has been with you for eternity. You connect with them at a soul level and know them to their core without having spent much time together. The deep love and connection with this individual is immediate. It's a magnetic, beautiful energy of unconditional love. However, there is separation involved in this connection as well!

From this description, you can probably see why this connection has become so sought after, and a new buzzword in society. But don't get too hooked into the idea of it yet! Keep reading!

It is not an intense love that has you riding off into the sunset with this person from the moment you met until the end of time. There is SO much more to it than that (check out Twin Flames: Love's Crash Course to Awakening and Self for more info). The easiest way to explain a twin flame connection is that, yes, your love is intense, strong, and beautiful, but you also mirror each other's deepest fears and wounding. You will separate after the short initial period of time together, which is the catalyst to spiritual awakening, healing, and changing the trajectory of your life to something more meaningful and passionate to your soul. You're basically forced to face your wounds, break down the Ego mind, destroy facades you have created, foster self-awareness, and rediscover your soul essence.

Even though the separation is needed in order to for each twin to focus on themselves it is painful. How painful? It is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It felt like my heart and soul had literally been cracked in half. It causes a Dark Night of the Soul where you do not see a purpose to life anymore. The world as you know it is destroyed, and you're thousands of meters down a deep, dark, dreary well with no care for this world anymore. Unfortunately, the dark night of the soul must happen in order for you to awaken. Inner work – facing yourself, your shadow side, your wounds, and your fears – is so incredibly painful but also so incredibly powerful. However, to add to this, you can't be with your twin flame until you've done the deep inner work, and even then there is no rule you end up with your twin flame.

So then why is there such a frenzy around wanting a twin flame and the illusion that it's a perfect and easy love?

Because it is so incredibly rare that you and your twin flame are incarnated in the same lifetime that there is very little knowledge on the journey. Very few people have actually been through the journey and understand it, which means that there are very few people out there who are able to explain the journey to others. It's also so incredibly personal and intricate that it's hard to explain the feelings and soul connection to someone who has not experienced it.

I have experienced it, and as someone who was not spiritual, had never even heard of twin flames (and was definitely not looking for my twin flame or even a soulmate when I met my twin flame in 2021), I can wholeheartedly tell you it is real. And it is an intense experience.

Even after encountering my twin flame, I wasn’t aware of it until a few months later. Initially, I simply knew they were my person. No questioning, no doubt, I just knew. And I had never before said that about any romantic partner in my entire life. I recognized them at a soul level, seeing who they truly were. I felt their energy – I felt a deep, genuine love, and not only saw the love reciprocated from this person, but energetically felt it. It's truly energetic and magnetic.

I didn’t actively seek finding out what the connection was because I didn't need a label (and I didn't think there was a label). I just trusted my feelings which were unlike anything I had experienced before.

So, how did I find out we were twin flames? Information about our connection unexpectedly came from someone very close to me—an intuitive healer—whose channeling and intuitive abilities were unknown to me until that day. They had this intense channeling experience that I unexpectedly witnessed. I was so shocked and confused as, again, I was not spiritual – psychics, energy, the universe, was all completely unknown to me. The gist of it was that our energies are the same, the love is real, the lessons are real, and the details were mind-blowing!

This compelled me to dive into research and seek a deeper understanding of the universe, my path, and myself. I engaged in a tarot reading, an akashic record reading, and received guidance from a Shaman from the Mi'kmaq tribe. I learned to silence my mind, listen to, and trust my intuition. All confirming my twin flame connection – guiding me to inner work, healing & creation.

So, where does the negative connotation surrounding twin flames originate?

During moments of loneliness, heartbreak, and feelings of being lost, we become highly impressionable. In such vulnerable states, people may latch onto ideas about twin flames and disregard logic in pursuit of the deep love connection, leading to being stuck in detrimental situations.

Some individuals might cling to the concept of a twin flame and believe that they are in a twin flame connection after hearing about the love, as well as its painful aspects of separation, leading them to stay in abusive relationships. They may endure relationships involving gaslighting, emotional or physical abuse, erratic love, and even constant breakups and reconciliations. None of these signs align with a genuine twin flame relationship.

A true twin flame will never intentionally or maliciously inflict emotional or physical harm. They are you. They love you. They see you. The pain is all via the mirror effect. The pain all comes from you finally becoming aware of your wounding.

What we've also seen happen in society is that individuals hear about the strong unconditional love twin flames have for one another and they will search for it by any means possible. Unfortunately, individuals driven by their egos, perceive others' pain as a means to exploit their situation by creating a 'get-rich-quick scheme' and feeding on people's desire for love. This exploitation is what the 'Twin Flames Universe' Netflix documentary has portrayed. As usual, the ego-driven mind has tarnished something beautiful, distorting the reality of the situation. But just like any soulmate love, you should never go looking for it, you should never pay anyone money for it, love will come to you when you are meant to have it.

Please don't latch onto the idea of a twin flame, and please don't discount the connection if you have not been through it. The best advice I can give you is to (a) not search for your twin flame, (b) hold onto someone that abuses you in the name of 'love' or (c) search for love in general. Focus on you, love will come when you start choosing you first. If you're questioning your connection with someone or just grasping at a label, it's not your twin flame. If you do think you have met your twin flame, have a reading done to confirm (send me a message and I can give you recommendations).

It is incredibly rare that your twin flame is incarnated in the same lifetime as you. If your twin flame is in this lifetime with you, the universe will conspire for you to meet in order for you to understand unconditional love, heal, awaken, and step into your life's purpose. You don't need to do anything. Don't fall for traps or get stuck searching for what may not be a part of your path in this lifetime. Your own unique path is already written. Surrender to the flow of life, focus on your happiness within your own self, and everything else will fall into place.

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