Distinguishing between soulmate, twin flame, and karmic relationships holds immense importance in understanding their unique dynamics and guiding one's personal growth

  • Twin Flame Connections: These intense unions trigger immediate recognition, serving as catalysts for self-realization and unconditional love.
  • Soulmate Bonds: Nurturing and deep connections foster mutual understanding, creating a sense of homecoming across lifetimes.
  • Karmic Relationships: Rooted in unresolved issues, they evoke intense emotions and discomfort, guiding individuals toward self-discovery and growth.
  • Recognizing for Growth: Identifying these relationships is pivotal for healing, breaking repeated cycles, and pursuing genuine self-love and happiness, shaping a transformative journey of personal evolution.

This is a long one so buckle up. I wanted to give you everything I know about each of these relationships so there is no confusion. But ultimately, you already know what type of relationship you are in deep down. If only you would listen to your intuition and not hide your feelings deep down.

Distinguishing between soulmate, twin flame, and karmic relationships is crucial as it helps individuals recognize and understand the unique lessons, emotional dynamics, and transformative experiences that each type of relationship brings. Identifying these connections enables personal growth, guides emotional understanding, and assists in navigating one's journey more consciously.

While a twin flame represents the other half of your soul, a soulmate is a profound connection based on mutual understanding and compatibility. Karmic relationships, on the other hand, are often challenging and intense, designed for learning and personal growth.

Twin flame

The Twin Flame is an intense and profound spiritual connection between two individuals. Before being born into this world, a singular soul splits into two, creating twin flames. The twin flame connection is rare, not everyone has a twin flame. These two souls share a deep and intricate connection that transcends traditional relationships. There's an intense magnetic pull between twin flames as you are deeply connected energetically, emotionally and physically. It's a deep, transformative soul connection that goes beyond the physical realm.

The connection is characterized by an immediate overwhelming sense of familiarity, comfort and love. It's like meeting someone you've known for eternity, recognizing their soul at a deeply intimate level. This relationship stems from a profound understanding and acceptance of each other's authentic selves.

The love experienced between twin flames is extraordinary and immediate. They share an intense emotional and empathic connection that allows for profound understanding. They understand each other's thoughts, feelings, and emotions without needing explicit communication. You know who this person is to their core. You know their soul. You can see past all the facades and walls. This love embraces the entirety of the other person, including their strengths, weaknesses, past experiences, and innermost fears. It's a love that doesn't demand change but encourages growth, supporting each other's journey towards self-discovery and self-improvement.

However, the twin flame relationship isn't solely about romance; it serves as a catalyst for profound spiritual growth and transformation. The twin flame journey is an intense spiritual journey that involves self-discovery, healing, and personal evolution.

Twin flame relationships include a period of separation. During this separation your twin is unconsciously mirroring back to you emotions, behaviours, and unresolved inner conflict for you to heal. The mirroring is what leads to personal growth, urging individuals to confront and heal deep-seated emotional wounds and traumas.

This is where the runner-chaser dynamic comes into play. This dynamic is a combination of energetically and physically running and chasing. The runner feels overwhelmed by the intensity of the connection and love. This individual might feel emotionally vulnerable and afraid so they withdraw or distance themselves. The chaser is the one who seeks to maintain or re-establish the connection. They feel the need to pursue or chase after the runner and calm their fears. Initially, the chaser is always the masculine energy and the runner is always the chaser energy -- this is regardless of sex. You can be the female body with masculine energy or a male body with the feminine energy). The feminine energy is the leader of this connection, they awaken and heal before the masculine will.

The separation phase is where the chaser (feminine energy) goes through a dark night of the soul (rock bottom). They feel consistent pain, and anxiety, and every unhealed part of them bubbles to the surface for them to work through. You can try to put this off, but you will stay in the pain. The only way out is through inner work - inner child healing, working through past traumas, recognizing triggers and just fully acknowledging your shadow side and transmuting all of this into unconditional love and understanding of your self. This is where you have an ego death; silence your mind, and reconnect with soul. The feminine energy will go through inner changes and growth and then experience external changes and growth to match.

On the other side, when the runner (masculine energy) runs they experience internal conflict between the desire for union and the fear of the intensity of the relationship. But they don't feel like they are ready or good enough for their twin. They usually do not spiritually awaken or understand the twin flame connection until later. The masculine goes through external changes, growth, and completing karmic ties before then going through inner changes, growth and awakening. The separation phase is quite blatantly very emotionally painful and challenging.

While twin flame love is deeply fulfilling and powerful, there is no guarantee that once you meet your twin flame you will be with them romantically in this lifetime. Meeting your twin flame is like a crash course in healing. It's meant to show you what unconditional love is - for yourself and for others. It's like the universe shows you the kind of love you are capable of, and the kind of love you can have, when you reconnect with Self.

Ultimately, the twin flame connection is considered a journey of unconditional love, self-realization and profound inner transformation, leading individuals towards wholeness and spiritual awakening. Despite the soul level, energetic, complexities of twin flames, the presence of unconditional love is what acts as the guiding force to personal growth for both individuals involved.

Note: I want to reiterate that this connection is extremely rare, and it does not feel the same as other relationships. There are times throughout a regular break up that someone is hot and cold, or coming in and out but this does not at all mean they are your twin flame. This is a soul, energetic connection. If you do not go through a dark night of the soul, a spiritual awakening and a shift towards your life purpose they are probably not your twin flame. This is not a normal relationship of trying to work through your issues/challenges and breaking up then coming back together. Please get a reading done if you think someone is your twin flame so you do not get caught holding onto the idea of a twin flame.


Soulmates have an extraordinary spiritual connection that transcends the physical realm. A soulmate is someone whose soul resonates deeply with yours. These souls have been interconnected across different lifetimes and so they are a spiritual bond that feels like coming home. You have spent previous lifetimes with this soul in some capacity which is why this connection illicits an instant sense of familiarity, comfort, and understanding even though they are strangers to you now. Your souls remember each other.

This love is strong and powerful, not unlike Twin Flame love. Soulmate love is a calm, beautiful, supportive and nurturing love. It's a deep and authentic connection that enriches both partners' lives while fostering personal growth, and an indescribable sense of fulfillment and contentment. Like Twin Flames, soulmates embrace each other's entirety, acknowledging strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and innermost fears, nurturing growth without imposing change. Soulmate relationships are characterized by this mutual respect, trust, and love. You support each other's life journey, often playing roles in helping the other fulfill their life purposes or learn significant life lessons. Sometimes, this love doesn't unfold instantly; instead, it evolves and strengthens over time as both individuals deepen their understanding of each other.

Soulmates have an uncanny ability to complement each other, not necessarily in a perfect way but in a manner that encourages personal growth and evolution. Soulmates experience challenges and conflicts like any other relationship, but there's an underlying sense of unity and security; a willingness to overcome obstacles together. They share an intense emotional and empathic connection that allows for profound understanding. They understand each other's thoughts, feelings, and emotions without needing explicit communication.

Soulmate connections also bring valuable lessons. They serve as catalysts for personal growth. Soulmates challenge each other in the best ways to become better versions of themselves. The relationship challenges both partners to evolve, and grow individually as well as as one. The lessons learned from a soulmate connection revolve around self-improvement, compassion, and empathy, and learning to navigate conflicts and challenges while fostering mutual growth.

The journey with a soulmate is not always smooth; it might include ups and downs, trials, and obstacles. However, soulmates uplift each other, providing emotional support during challenging times and celebrating each other's successes. These experiences contribute to the richness and depth of the connection, reinforcing the bond and enhancing the shared experiences between the two souls. Ultimately, soulmate connections lead to personal evolution and a deeper understanding of love, both for oneself and the other person.

Soulmate connections are not just one and done; you may have multiple soulmates throughout this lifetime, influenced by your personal growth, life choices, and soul contracts. Additionally, soulmate connections aren't exclusive to romantic relationships; they can manifest as platonic bonds within friendships or family members. However, not all friends or family may necessarily be soulmates, as some relationships might serve as karmic connections meant to facilitate learning, resolve karmic cycles, or address past life karma.


Karmic relationships are intricate connections rooted in unresolved issues or karmic debts from past lives, aiming to spark growth and self-discovery.

These connections evoke intense emotions with a mix of passion, discontent, and discomfort, often feeling forced and lacking authenticity. Your walls will be up, and understanding each other becomes a challenge, bringing conflicts and toxic dynamics into play. These relationships are the ones that cross boundaries into emotional or physical abuse.  Karmic relationships are not meant to be lifelong companionship, their purpose is solely to teach you.

Karmic relationships can show up in your life repeatedly until you have learned the lesson you are meant to. It is your choice to continue to be stuck in cycles of karmic relationships, or you can be aware of this relationship, recognize the lessons that keep repeating, and finally look inward at yourself and your inner turmoil to release yourself of these cycles.

The role of a karmic relationship is twofold. First, it serves as a platform for learning, growth, and healing. nudging individuals toward personal development and the healing of deep-rooted beliefs. These connections are filled opportunities for individuals to learn critical life lessons, push you toward personal development and heal deep-rooted beliefs about yourself. Second, it acts as a means to resolve unresolved issues between connected souls from previous lifetimes, contributing to one's karmic journey by addressing past experiences and aspects of the self.

Feelings in a karmic relationship can be tumultuous. They can include feelings of deep passion and physical attraction, but they also have an air of discontent, discomfort, awkwardness or unease. You might also feel lost and trapped with this person. You'll feel drawn to each other yet deep down you feel the connection is not what it should be, or what you want it to be.  It's a relationship that, instead of moving forward together and deepening your connection, will feel forced. There is a deep inner knowing that you and your karmic do not fully understand each other.

Recognizing a karmic relationship can be tricky, but there are some indicators. There's a recurrence of familiar patterns or conflicts, resembling past relationships, and evoking feelings of being stuck or uneasy within the connection. For example, things in the relationship feel very similar to your previous relationships. It might be a different person, but you can see the same type of situation and emotions playing over again. The relationship will bring forward the same triggers and will have more challenges than joy or growth. Over time, as lessons are learned and/or karmic debts are resolved, the relationship diminish or fade away as you grow and evolve.

Understanding and recognizing a karmic relationship is pivotal. Once you are able to recognize and acknowledge you are in a karmic relationship, you'll be able to start being aware of the patterns that are coming up and where you are living in fear. You'll be able to heal parts of yourself and move through these lessons substantially faster. The key is listening to your intuition, and step out of fear. One of the hardest things for someone to do is to admit to themselves what they have known all along, that this person is not your person, they are not meant to stay in your life. Be okay with acknowledging, accepting, and surrendering to that. Listen to your soul.

There is love outside of karmic relationships that's beautiful and strong, and it's waiting for you; feel safe and protected knowing that. You will find inner peace, and happiness. And you will find love within yourself, and your soulmate or twin flame when you learn and grow from these experiences. You have to decide that you want better for yourself. That discontent, unhappiness, and frustration is not how you want to live your life. It's your choice! It's always your choice to learn, grow and move forward or to stay stuck repeating cycles.

In essence, the purpose of these relationships primarily centre around teaching. The choice lies in either perpetuating karmic cycles until the lessons are learned or recognizing, addressing, and transcending the repeating patterns, ultimately releasing karmic ties and moving toward personal growth, self-discovery, happiness.

Remember, every relationship, whether romantic or plutonic is teaching you something. It's up to you to learn and to grow. It's up to you to move past repeating karmic cycles. It's up to you to work through your triggers and soft spots. It's up to you to show yourself love first before anyone else. It's up to you to embody unconditional love for your self before someone else.

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