The experience of love with you twin flame is profoundly beautiful and magical, yet surrounded by misconceptions, this connection is one of the most transformative and challenging life experiences.

  • Nature of Twin Flames: Described as either one soul split into two or possessing the exact same soul energy, forming a deep, spiritual, and energetic connection. The dynamic encompasses both masculine and feminine energies
  • Twin Flame Journey and Separation: It is a brief yet intense union, followed by separation leading to a 'Dark Night of the Soul' – serving as a catalyst for profound inner healing, spiritual awakening, and life transformation for both energies.
  • Self-Discovery and Wholeness: The Twin Flame journey emphasizes the lesson that one is whole within oneself, it is a crash course in healing.
  • Energetic Connection: This is an energetic, soul connection.

The love experienced with twin flames is utterly beautiful and magical. Often idealized as just a powerful love connection, the truth is far more intricate. It's among the most excruciating, life-altering connections the universe can thrust upon you.

Having your twin flame incarnated in the same lifetime as you is rare, but if this happens, the universe will conspire for you to meet them, and you're propelled into an intense journey of unconditional love for yourself and your twin. This journey induces an intense spiritual awakening that facilitates immense growth and healing. It will deconstruct your life as you know it, enabling you to follow your life purpose, and propels you into a reconnection with your true self, your soul.

Unfortunately, this aspect of the twin flame journey is not explained enough, even though the pain, awakening, life changes, and lessons in unconditional love are the essence of the connection.

Let's dive into the details of the connection!

Twin flames are described as either one soul split into two or possessing the exact same soul energy as your own. It's a deeply profound, spiritual, and energetic connection, filled with an unparalleled sense of familiarity and love. It feels as if this person has been with you for eternity. You connect with them at a soul level. The love and understanding for this individual is almost immediate, devoid of doubts. It's a magnetic, beautiful energy of unconditional love.

The twin flame dynamic encompasses masculine and feminine energies. This isn't about biological sex but rather the energy you project (everyone has masculine and feminine energies with them but one will dominate). A male may embody feminine energy, and a female may embody the masculine energy, or vice versa. In my personal journey, I embody the feminine energy, and as such I am offering insights into the awakening and growth from the feminine perspective.

The initial union with your twin flame is beautiful yet always brief. Most people experience union with their twin flames for only a few weeks to a couple of months before separation occurs. The intensity of the connection triggers the masculine's wounding (ie. fear they will be abandoned and lose this person). This will force them to cause separation by running – they could suddenly breaking off the relationship and disappear or become involved with a karmic. This in turn causes a dark night of the soul in the feminine, where the feminine's deepest wounds (ie. abandonment, rejection) surface, and the feminine will sit in a chasing energy trying to avoid those wounds. The separation and the dark night of the soul is necessary.

So, what is the Dark Night of The Soul? Check out this article for a full rundown, but for purposes of this article I will just describe the dark night of the soul as a period of deep inner turmoil, depression, and spiritual crisis. Nothing makes sense and it feels like there is no purpose to life anymore. It is a phase of self-reflection, healing, spiritual awakening, and the discovery of your authentic self.

The feminine energy will spiral into a dark night of the soul first. It's said that the feminine energy is the leader in the connection because they are more in tune with their intuition. Meaning that the feminine is more connected to the universe, spirit - whatever you want to call it. Therefore, they are more inclined than the masculine energy to navigate through the unknown. This inner transformation then leads to a transformation in the external three-dimensional world (ie. environment, career, friends) – as within so without. When your inner world has healed and changed, your outer world will follow suit.

While this is happening the masculine energy will be facing challenges and tower moments in their external three dimensional life. The masculine works on changing his external life first, and then they will then go through the dark night of the soul afterwards.

When my twin flame ran, it marked the most painful yet transformative phase of my life. I found myself in the chasing energy and struggling so hard to understand how someone could disappear with a connection so deep. The chaser stage doesn't always entail physically chasing or constantly reaching out. Rather, it's an energetic focus directed toward the other person. This energetic chase was something I initially overlooked until I realized the need to redirect my energy towards myself and finally choose me. This marked the threshold of my healing journey.

This separation instills the essential lesson that you are whole within yourself. This journey isn't about finding an external missing piece that will complete you as we've grown up to believe love will do. Instead, it's about embarking on a path of self-love, self-respect, and awakening, ultimately leading to finding wholeness and love within yourself rather than externally.

I just want to note here that losing someone you love is painful in a non-twin flame dynamic and can absolutely cause significant pain, depression, heartbreak, life changes and growth. In any relationship a deep connection will always be your biggest mirror into your inner world and the wounds and fear you have stored within you. The difference is that in a twin flame dynamic, everything is magnified tenfold which is why it is considered a crash course in healing. It's excruciatingly painful due to the intense energetic connection that twin flames share. I also want to reiterate that your initial union is short lived - normally moving on from someone who disappears in a very short lived connection is pretty straightforward but it's incredibly overwhelming and impossible for twin flames. This is how the twins become the catalyst for each other’s spiritual awakening.

How do you know if you've met your twin flame?

The biggest sign is that you will just know. You won't be questioning or flip flopping back and forth on if they are or are not. You know in your soul.

Another sign is that this person will never leave your mind. Remember, your twin is energetically connected to you, so this doesn't mean that years down the road they pop into your mind once in awhile - they will always silently be there. When separation first occurs the thought of the masculine will be a giant huge all encompassing wave for the feminine energy, and eventually they will be a silent wave in the back of your mind.

For the feminine energy the next tell-tale sign is that you go through an intense dark night of the soul. You start to actually look inwards and heal because the pain is too much for you to continue on the way you have been. You don't bury the feelings and deny the connection in order to move on. You start to do the hard emotional work that you normally shy away from. You don't distract yourself with substances and other people.

However, for the masculine energy initially you will bury and distract yourself with people and substances because the connection is too intense to deal with and it scares you. You will start to do inner work later in the connection once the feminine has raised her energy and your external life situations have been worked on.

And finally, you awaken spiritually and find purpose. Your life starts to align and you are no longer living life in the matrix. For the feminine energy this usually means creating and finding a passion involving healing (ie. personal training, yoga, writing, painting, past life regressions, life coaching, therapists, tarot/akashic record readings, nutritionist, reiki, etc) as you are now in tune with your own self and will help to heal the world in your own way.

Overall, the twin flame journey is hard but beautiful. If you have a twin flame in this lifetime you will meet them eventually. If you don't it's just not a part of your life path in this lifetime.

When it comes to reunion there's no set in stone rule that you end up in a romantic relationship with your twin flame. I know this may be hard to hear, especially for the feminine energies at the start of the journey. The best thing you can do is focus on yourself, live your life to the fullest as your authentic self. Nurture your own inner love and passions. Choose YOU. Choosing you and loving yourself first must happen before any external love can fall into place - whether that be your twin flame or your soulmate. Surrender to the universe. Nothing is coincidence, everything is planned. Everything that is meant for you will be for you. 

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